How to Create eCommerce UX Design That Drives Conversion

After all, building the near-perfect eCommerce store is not impossible. Savvy UX designers can align eCommerce site designs around well-researched and time-tested standards and conventions. When on the cart page, you can persuade your shoppers to add more products to the cart by offering something. Say, if you offer free shipping or discount on orders above a certain amount, then you can remind your shoppers of how much more they need to spend to get that offer. Type of business relations based on target customers deeply influences the core aspects of UX design.

Does it open much or mostly keeps reserved silence creating the mystery around the offered goods? These questions may seem far from a business which has to be all about finance, profits, points of sales, and other stuff of that kind. Still, these issues present a number of features that will set the future brand image.

UX Guidelines for Ecommerce Product Pages

Shoppers are looking to the product page to answer all their product questions. In our studies, the only participants who paid little attention to the product page were those who already knew the exact product they wanted. Even those product-focused shoppers needed the product page to confirm that they had found the correct item. It’s highly likely that you’ll have no space to place the corresponding link/icon in the mobile header. But it’s important information for customers, so consider creating a separate block with your offline locations.

According to the Paypers report, 56% of respondents expect various payment options presented on the checkout page. You can improve your conversion rates on mobile devices by offering different payment options. Plus, if customers can save their billing information on your site, they’ll be able to checkout faster on their next purchase.

Announcing Product Module

When it comes to this section of the sales funnel, you don’t want to be distracting customers with offers or discounts. If it’s possible, it’s also a good idea to allow customers to log in with an existing account like Facebook, to further streamlines the process. Proper site search functionality is an essential requirement to provide the best An Introduction To ASP NET Razor Pages to your customers. People who engage with the search box are more likely to become leads because of clearer intent. Test the placement, design, the products and the number of product suggestions shown. Does it communicate to potential buyers in formal, informal, or semi-formal style?

Try including several high-definition photos from different angles to highlight important details of the articles. One amongst ecommerce UX best practices comprise a simplified checkout process. The more steps that stand between your client and confirming their purchase, the higher the cart abandonment rate will be.


This article covers these key points of the user journey and how e-commerce designers can make the customer’s experience enjoyable, straightforward, and hassle-free. In today’s world, where mobile traffic makes up about half of all traffic on the web, you may want to consider designing your online store for smaller screens first. In your theme editor, you can toggle between desktop and mobile view while you make changes. Finally, consider gamifying user engagement by offering rewards, implementing progress bars, and using badges to incentivize users to sign up, make purchases, or leave reviews. It is about making sure that visitors can easily surf your site and make purchases with pleasure. Thoughtful UX/UI optimization can dramatically improve the key metrics important for your business, from revenue to retention.

  • In conclusion, putting money into an excellent user experience design for online stores is money well spent.
  • While there’s no one-fits-all method for designing the perfect ecommerce UX for your clientele, there are a few areas you can concentrate on that tend to deliver the best results.
  • This type of interaction leaves your customers feeling heard and fulfilled, which are in themselves integral aspects of ecommerce user experience.
  • This includes everything from the assumed context they have when visiting a webpage to how they browse your products to the way they check out and beyond.
  • Good e-commerce user experience is the key to success of an online shop.

Lush offers thorough terms and conditions and insight into the recycling operations of this program on their site. These explanations offer buyers better transparency into the brand’s processes and values and solidify Lush as a brand they can feel proud to support. Multinational corporation Scotts Miracle-Gro specializes in consumer lawn, garden, and pest control products and has primarily sold items at brick-and-mortar stores. Realizing they needed to make adjustments after increasing online sales, the organization turned to UserTesting to improve buyers’ online experiences. If an user feels that they cannot afford the total cost of their order, they might remove a few items from the cart.

Sephora’s “Voice Search”

For example, Home Depot’s Buy section has a performance of 98.4. They contain clear calls to action like “buy now” or “add to cart” that increase conversions. When it comes to sales, product photography is the go-to argument.

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We’d like to share some thoughts on UX, particularly for smartphones. The mega menu gives visitors an exhaustive overview of categories and the next nesting levels (sub- and sub-subsections). Once we’ve determined the main objectives and rules for a better eCommerce homepage UX, we can move to the separate blocks it’s made of. Although the selection and order of sections will differ depending on the store itself, we’ll try to describe a typical layout.

The thing is – these patterns are fine shorthand in composing a layout for every page. They exemplify certain tendencies of page reading and show what can be done to counter it. For example, users are usually viewing left part of the page more often than the right. The downside is that some customers can be irritated by sprawling checkouts which may result in them dropping off at some point. It is where all the action happens and because of that, it is important to make it as effective and possible.

ecommerce ux

The awarded retailers are actively adopting more eco-conscious practices—not just for customer adoption and loyalty but because they care as much as their buyers. Brands are adopting practices like offering recyclable and reusable packaging, minimizing plastic and paper use, planting a tree with each purchase, or providing carbon-neutral shipping options. The executive suite, product management, and developers can be convinced of some eCommerce UX best practices.

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